How to Start a Small Business with Outdoor Movies and Open Air Cinema!

Starting a business is not easy, and is only successful for people that are self-motivated, confident, and willing to make sacrifices. From my experience I have found that the best small business are taking a product or service that is useful and doing a better job at it than everyone else. For Example, MP3 players have been around for a while, but apple found a better way to market and improve the product. The same can happen with outdoor movies.

There are two succesful ways to make a business with outdoor movies:

1. Rent outdoor movie systems out to people who only want the system for a party or a wedding or some other kind of event. We get people calling every day wondering if we rent systems or not. All you have to do is find a good way to market your self and a rental business.

2. Put on Outdoor movie events. Open Air Cinema has the best system to show hundreds of people a movie. Take the system and do your own movies in the park. Find business that want to advertise or sponsor the event. Sell popcorn and sodas at a marked up price.

These are just a few ideas for those entrepreneurs out there.

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