Open Air Cinema now sells 3D outdoor movie systems!!!

3D outdoor movieThis picture describes exactly what Open Air Cinema’s 3D is all about. Call us today for more information!

Open Air Cinema heads to NRPA in Atlanta!

NRPA is a huge trade show for recreations and parks. Since Open Air Cinema is known for the best equipment for Movies in the Park, they have been invited to the event. Open Air Cinema will have a booth set up at the trade show and will be more than willing to answer any questions about setting up your own outdoor movie theater!

Halloween Drive-In Outdoor Movie Theater

Drive In Theater

Halloween Outdoor Movie is a great idea for your Inflatable Screen.

Watching scary movies on Haloween is super fun and great for everyone. My favorite movies are the classic Alfred Hitchcock movies, Ernest Scared Stupid, and Micheal Jackson’s Thriller! This picture is an example of a group in Canada setting up a Drive-In type of setting. Bring your car and a date to watch scary movies in October. Get your system at Open Air Cinema and start showing movies today!!!

DISNEY buys all their outdoor movie screens from Open Air Cinema!

Disney outdoor movieDisney knows the Open Air Cinema is the best company when it comes to outdoor movies!

Throughout the park at Disney you will notice rides like in the Animal kingdom that have videos and little clips playing during the ride. These clips are projected on screens made by Open Air Cinema. Also, all of the resorts on Disney provide an outdoor movie option every night at the resorts. Disney purchases tons of screens and systems from Open Air Cinema throughout the year. SO if you own a company or looking to entertain large crowds, Open Air Cinema has a proven record of quality products and a product that will give any crowd a great time!

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Having an Inflatable Movie Screen Made in the USA Makes a BIG Difference!

Throughout the market of outdoor movie theaters and inflatable movies screens we have found only 1 company that makes its screens and equipment here in the USA. That company is Open Air Cinema! Other companies get there screens shipped from Germany or other places in Europe. Open Air Cinemas screens are made in Utah, USA. They use the best materials, to make the best quality screens. You don’t have to depend on international shipping and world external affairs.

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How to Start a Small Business with Outdoor Movies and Open Air Cinema!

Starting a business is not easy, and is only successful for people that are self-motivated, confident, and willing to make sacrifices. From my experience I have found that the best small business are taking a product or service that is useful and doing a better job at it than everyone else. For Example, MP3 players have been around for a while, but apple found a better way to market and improve the product. The same can happen with outdoor movies.

There are two succesful ways to make a business with outdoor movies:

1. Rent outdoor movie systems out to people who only want the system for a party or a wedding or some other kind of event. We get people calling every day wondering if we rent systems or not. All you have to do is find a good way to market your self and a rental business.

2. Put on Outdoor movie events. Open Air Cinema has the best system to show hundreds of people a movie. Take the system and do your own movies in the park. Find business that want to advertise or sponsor the event. Sell popcorn and sodas at a marked up price.

These are just a few ideas for those entrepreneurs out there.

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Open Air Cinema goes to Haiti for Screenings and Humanitairan Help!

Open Air Cinema spends their time doing service through free outdoor movie screenings for countries in need. Haiti is one of those countries that are still suffering from the huge earthquake. Many people are still without homes or power. Open Air Cinema will provide outdoor movies and educational shows for the people without homes starting in September 2011. To follow the stories and updates visit our OAC BLOG!

Outdoor Movies Will Boost Business!

Many cities and businesses have found that using an event like an outdoor movie was “definitely worth the investment”, said Lance, a community manager at Village Bear Trap Dunes. People like Lance that have been using an outdoor movie system have seen the benefits and money that has come from their outdoor movie event. A typical outdoor movie system will cost from $1000 to $5,000, depending on your needs. However, users of the system have found that businesses will sponsor these events and pay around $5,000 for advertising and sponsorship. Then, concessions can bring anywhere from $500 to $1000 a night! So if you use the system right, and put in the effort, your business or city will find that the benefits out way the costs. And on top of all of that, people gather together and go to the stores and restaurants nearby.

“It really starts bringing people in. People start enjoying the fact that we have something like this and finding out it’s here…What’s nice is it gets people to come through the park and then go downtown and enjoy restaurants afterwards. It helps a lot.”

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Open Air Cinema can get you on your way to purchase a full outdoor movie system.

Why Host A Free Outdoor Movie Event at Your Park or Community?

Movies in the Park are becoming a more popular event at every park across the Nation! It seems like each summer parks and recreations are setting up huge inflatable screens to project movies on during the summer. Since the movies in the park are free, why would a city host this event? Wouldn’t the city lose money?

The answer is NO. Cities host these events all the time and in the end actually make money. The money comes from all the local businesses wanting to be sponsored at the event. These businesses will pay thousands for support or an Ad. But it’s not all about the money. Hundreds and Thousands of people from the city will come to these free events. Your community will become stronger and the citizens will be happy. Movies in the Park also allow room for more events like free live music and games before the show! The best company to start hosting your Movies in the Park is with Open Air Cinema! They have all the equipment to get you started this Summer!!!

Free Outdoor Movies in Vancouver for the First Week in August!!!

This week there are some Free movies to watch under the stars in Vancouver this week. These movies in the park are great to bring your family and friends to. Open Air Cinema provides the best equipment to do these events!

8/4 – “Rio” – Maple Ridge’s Harris Road Park

8/5 – “Iron Man” – Delta’s Dennison Park

8/5 – “Star Trek” – Port Coquitlam’s Park

8/6 – “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” – Surrey’s Holland Park

8/8 – “The Muppet Movie” – Vancouver’s Robson Park

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